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  • When you were young:

    I might not be pretty or popular now, but one day I'll meet a boy who will just think I am the bees knees and we will be partners and explorers and do everything together and we will love each other through everything until the day we die.

  • Now:

    watching UP alone, remembering the first time I watched it with that boy, when I made an absolutely horrific quail dish for dinner, and how in that moment I was never more content. He's gone now, and probably never gives me a second thought. But I think about every moment we spent together every day.

  • I don't even notice the tears anymore. I miss that boy terribly. I would have jumped mountains for him. He is the only one I can fit in my heart, because that is what my heart was made for.




Once we found a baby dove outside. It could barely fly, and it was getting dark, so we were worried that our neighbor’s cat would get it. So we took it inside, put it in a shoebox with some rags and water in it, and let it stay the night. The very next morning when we released it, its mother flew down instantly. The baby started chirping and ran over to her, then jumped all over her as if it was trying to hug her or something. (I think it might’ve been really hungry.)

Anyway, yeah—the baby had been in our house for hours, and the mother still didn’t reject it even though the baby was covered in our scent. 

im pretty sure i made a post about this before but this is important information

remember guys if you find a bby bird try to get it back to its nest or if its a fledgling close enough for its parents to reach it!!

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